MetalocalypseMetalocalypse fans have been wondering the status on the hilarious show and Brendon Small recently told his goals for the future. As for the future of the Metalocalypse show he said, "My goal is to do this season and then do a movie and then end it. We’re at the mercy of budgets." As for the Dethklok touring band he said, "Maybe the show gets cancelled, I can keep the audio alive. So, I would love to keep on making Dethklok records forever."

So good and bad news. The show may be ending but Dethklok will continue on. They can't leave fish without metal! 

Check Out The Full Interview With Brendon Small Here!

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Comment by PiercingMetal on August 20, 2011 at 11:30am
As much as I enjoy the show and would hate to see it go away, perhaps it is better when the creator decides to end it and to do so before the story lines get stupid or repetitive.  We often find the comics getting out to left field and making no sense and hence causing fan dissidence.  Keeping this as a live touring project would be a great idea as I have seen the shows selling out like wildfire.

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